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The Infiniti Solution

What is it? The Infiniti Solution is the answer to many corporate and small business request to reach the global marketplace. Infiniti Global Media is a multi-media firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm is dedicated to multicultural activities in the Caribbean and the United States. I.G.M. has established relationships with radio, television, print, event promoters, and restaurants throughout the United States and the Caribbean. I.G.M. has been recognized as one of the nations groundbreaking companies with international relationships in the Caribbean and USA. Our brands include the Caribbean Media Network.




Government Contracting 


Infiniti Global Media LLC is committed to working with government agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Our resource division (Infiniti Resources) currently handles advertising, special events, public relations, meal, and disaster relief project management for government agencies. We handle small business set aside, minority-owned, and multicultural opportunities.

State – We are based in Atlanta, Georgia, the southeast region of the United States. We work with a variety of state governments. With our primary markets in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.

Local – Our local work area includes the city of Atlanta, Macon, and Gainesville. These locations are located within our immediate work area, however, we work with a variety of local governments throughout the USA.

National- As a unique service provider, we work with a variety of national organizations to reach the multicultural marketplace. I.G.M. is open to opportunities throughout the nation, which target advertising, special events, festivals, and public relations, in multicultural communities.

We are committed to excellence in the government sector!


Cage Code
5J0W0,6E610 ,

PSC and FSC Codes

T001, T016,9905 T016


P.O. BOX 501383


T: 404-491-0885
E: info@infinitiglobalmedia.com

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